Sunday, December 25, 2011


When people think of traveling they often think of Europe and visiting countries like France, Italy or England. I would love to go to Europe and visit these countries, but there is one place I really need to visit in my life and that is Hungary.

I've been obsessed with this country since I was 13 and I read a short story written by Cotazar called "Lejana". In this story, a woman daydreams in the middle of her complex everyday reality and transports herself to Budapest, where despite being a beggar, she is free. Cortazar describes Budapest streets, its people and  a bridge that I would really like to see by myself.

Apart from this, I don't know much about this country. The only concrete information I have is that Hungary has a beautiful language and poetry. Some years ago I had the opportunity to go to a poetry reading at Biblioteca Nacional, where I met the Hungarian Embassador. I went with a friend who had Hungarian origins and I could listen to her speaking Hungarian with the poets and the Embassador. It was a nice experience.

If I went to Hungary, I would visit Budapest and I would see all the sights. Then I would continue with other cities in the rest of the country. From what I have seen in pictures I think Hungary is full of beautiful landscapes, castles, cathedrals and parks.

I don't think I would like to live, study or work here, mainly because of the language. As I said before, the language is beautiful, but it has no connections with English or Spanish, so I think It would be difficult to learn. My interest in Hungary is only touristic.

One day, I will visit Budapest and I will go to the bridge of Cortazar's short story. I can't die if I don't visit this wonderful place.

Now it's your time to think about that country you would like to visit. Say:

- Which country would you like to go to? Why?
- What do you know about it?
- What would you like to do there?
- Would you like to study/work/live there? Explain.
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Monday, December 19, 2011

What is Love?

(...) I want no other, no other lover
This is your life,our time
When we are together, I need you forever
Is it love (...)

This is Haddaway's definition of love. That's why he knew he was in love ...

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Studying in Vacations' Time

As we all know, it's not common to have an academic semester in this time of year, when all we have in mind is Christmas, New Year and of course, going on vacations. But this 2011 has been an untypical year.

2011, a year that will always remain in our memories as the year when the whole university community fought for a better education in Chile.

Now we are here, in the last level of the English Program when all the learning objectives and goals are meant to be fulfilled and accomplished. It is indeed a strange semester,  briefer and our class group is smaller than average, but it is still a semester in which all those ideals can be reached.

And that's precisely what I expect of the course as a teacher, that we can take advantage of all those things that are different now to make the best out of this experience.

 Personally, I feel glad you can have the opportunity to continue learning the language throughout this period, because learning a language is something that needs a continuity and we have it now.

My best wishes for all of you in this 2011-2012 second semester.

My dear students, now you should write your first post about the following:

Write about:
- Your expectations for this new term
- The subjects you are taking
- How you feel studying in summer/christmas time..
- Others
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